NCIMB Ltd is an innovation-driven biotechnology company that houses the biggest reference collection of industrially and environmentally valuable microorganisms in the UK. We offer a trusted range of microbiological, chemical analysis, and biological material storage services from our purpose-built, Aberdeen-based laboratories.

Our customers include some of the world's biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as household names in food, drink and energy production. We also work with universities, research institutes, small companies and start-ups.

Our services are used in quality control procedures, research and development projects, intellectual property protection and compliance with environmental regulations. We can work with you to support and de-risk your process and product development.

Whoever we are working with and whatever product or service we are providing, we pride ourselves on delivering high levels of customer service.

Culture Collection

Culture collection

At the heart of our company is the UK's National Collection of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria - a fantastic collection of environmentally important and industrially useful bacteria.

The collection includes strains, deposited by researchers around the world, that have been isolated from a much wider range of environments and substances than our name might suggest. It's a genetic resource for the 21st century.

Analytical Services

Microbial identification & laboratory services.

We: identify, compare, sequence, characterise and monitor microorganisms; undertake ecotoxicity testing; offer a suite of effluent tests and provide a fuel testing service.

Whether our customer is a pharmaceutical company that requires environmental isolate identification, a probiotics manufacturer screening candidate strains, or an oil company monitoring microbes that influence corrosion, our analytical services help them achieve their goals.

Analytical Services

Biological storage

NCIMB is a depository for biological material that is the subject of patent applications, and offers trusted storage services to organisations that need an offsite backup of important material - from storage of a few vials for a university project, to GMP compliant storage of production strains.

We can store bacteria, plasmids, bacteriophage, DNA, protozoa, fungi, algae, orthodox plant seeds and plant cell tissue cultures.


We offer a range of general analytical and microbiology testing services, as well as some specialist services for specific industry sectors. For more information about our products and services you can navigate our website by industry sector or by service type. You can also contact us to find out more about our services.

Read on to find out why our customers choose NCIMB.

Why choose NCIMB?

Our feedback tells us that customers value our high levels of customer service, including fast turnaround times, excellent quality control and attention to detail. We surveyed our customers anonymously to find out why they chose and continued to use NCIMB. The quotes below are examples of the feedback that we received.


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