Meet the management team

At NCIMB our people are our most important asset. Our team includes highly qualified and experienced laboratory technicians and scientists.

They are specialists in the preservation and storage of microorganisms, microbial sequencing, identification, qPCR and a host of other microbiology tests and services.

Barry Philpott

Edward Green

Chief Executive Officer

Edward is a microbiologist with expertise in engineering biology. He has founded two biotechnology companies, and built the first, Green Biologics, into a world leader for butanol fermentation before founding CHAIN Biotech, a microbiome company focussed on development and commercialisation of live biotherapeutics. Edward obtained his PhD in Biochemical Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and is a member of the Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum as well as chairing the BIA Engineering Biology Advisory Committee.

Dr Edward Green

Vikki Warren

Microbial identification services manager

Vikki joined NICMB in 2005 and leads the team that delivers NCIMB’s sequencing and identification services. She has extensive experience of environmental isolate identification and was central in the development of our microbial profiling and whole genome sequencing services, based on next generation sequencing with the Illumina platform.  Vikki holds a BSc in Applied Biosciences & Management, and an MSc in Instrumental Analytical Techniques; DNA Analysis, Proteomics & Metabolomics from the Robert Gordon University.

Dr Carol Phillips

Julie MacKinnon

Microbiome services manager

Julie joined NCIMB in 2010 and heads our microbiome services. She has worked on a number of client projects, and is experienced in the use of 16S metagenomics to analyse microbial communities from a diversity of sample types, as well as the development and application of custom qPCR assays.

Julie graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences from Robert Gordon University, and acquired a wealth of microbiology experience prior to taking up her post at NCIMB.

Michelle Robertson

Michelle Robertson

Energy & environmental microbiology services (EEMS) manager

Michelle joined NCIMB in 2016 and is responsible for managing our energy and environmental microbiology services, which include monitoring the microorganisms that can influence corrosion in offshore structures, and provision of a toxicity testing service using NCIMB’s proprietary ecotoxicity tests. Michelle is an experienced project manager with considerable experience within the energy sector, and she holds a degree in Applied Chemistry from the Robert Gordon University.

Culture Collection

Carol Devine

Consultant microbiologist: EEMS

Carol is our EEMS business development manager and has over 25 years' experience in oilfield microbiology, and an in-depth knowledge of microbiologically influenced corrosion, SRB, seawater injection systems and molecular microbial ecology. Carol holds a degree in Microbiology and a PhD in Molecular Microbial Subsurface Microbiology from the University of Aberdeen. She is a member of the Energy Institute’s (EI) Microbiology Committee and the EI Reservoir Microbiology Forum (RMF) conference organising committee.

Prof Andy Porter

Samantha Law

Microbiology manager & culture collection curator

Sam joined NCIMB in 2005 and has been curator of the collection for over ten years, ensuring it meets the needs of researchers and industry.  She has managed numerous client projects, and is responsible for NCIMB's safe deposit and cGMP compliant secure storage facilities. Sam has a PhD in environmental microbiology from the Robert Gordon University, and sits on the executive committee for Applied Microbiology International, the KTN Microbiome Advisory Board, and the Industry Stakeholder group for the RGU Applied Biosciences course.