Biological Material Storage Services

Protect your valuable biological material with our trusted range of storage services.  Whether you are looking for a cGMP standard off-site back-up of your production strains, or your laboratory is simply short of freezer space, we can tailor a package that suits your needs.

Biological Storage

Why use NCIMB biological material storage services?

  • NCIMB has more than 70 years experience of preserving and safely storing biological material.
  • Since 1982 NCIMB has been recognised around the world as a depository of biological material that is the subject of patent applications.
  • We operate a well established quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015 and are regularly audited by customers, so you can be confident that your material is in safe hands.
  • We offer a range of storage options and can tailor a package to your needs.

What we can store

NCIMB provides confidential preservation and off-site storage services that can reduce the risk of loss of your important biological materials.

We accept biological material up to ACDP category 2 and ACGM class 1. We can store:

  • bacteria
  • plasmids
  • bacteriophage
  • DNA
  • protozoa
  • fungi
  • algae
  • orthodox plant seeds
  • plant cell tissue cultures

Safe Deposit or cGMP Secure Storage

We offer our biological material storage customers a choice of Safe Deposit or cGMP Secure storage. Both choices include a full range of storage temperature options.

We have decades of experience in the preservation and storage of biological materials and NCIMB operates a well-established quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015, so whichever level of storage you choose, you can be confident your important material is in safe hands.

Many of our clients require a storage service managed to cGMP standards and we provide this.  Our cGMP storage packages follow auditable procedures using validated equipment.  They can be tailored to your requirements and include a choice of features including dedicated, high security and customised storage vessels or areas.

We are regularly audited by our blue chip clients from the UK and overseas, ensuring we meet their high standards.

Our customers

We offer our biological material storage services to companies of all sizes, universities and research organisations in the UK and overseas. Our customers store strains that are used in their commercial products and processes, as well as material that is central to research projects. We offer a special rate for academics or companies working on grant funded projects when they commit to several years storage at a time. Download our pdf to find out more about our academic storage package or contact us for more information.

Storage temperature options

Cryogenic freezer storage < -120°C
Ultra low freezer storage -80°C
Freezer storage -20°C
Refrigerated storage 2°C to 8°C

Storage temperature options

Biological material can be sent to us ready for immediate storage, or prepared by us in a number of formats, including freeze drying and cryopreservation.  We can also preserve cultures and return them to you.

We can undertake viability testing of material prior to storage if required, and at agreed intervals thereafter.  An annual report on the maintenance of stored products can also be provided.

Please contact us to find out more about our Biological Material Storage Services.

Quality Control Microorganisms

Patent Deposit Service

NCIMB is an International Depositary Authority under the Budapest Treaty, storing material for patent purposes.

Patent deposit >

Microbial Preservation

NCIMB's offers freeze drying and cryopreservation services to help you maintain your own stock cultures.

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