Contract Research & Projects

NCIMB undertakes contract microbiology research projects for customers.  We also take part in collaborative research, and work with partners to unlock the potential of our diverse microbial culture collection.

Contract Research

Supporting our customers in their process or product development

NCIMB has decades of experience of working with bacteria that have industrial applications across a broad range of industry sectors. Our expert research staff are here to provide the contract research services you need to support your development projects. We specialise in assessing the suitability of microbes for new applications, improving microbial processes and understanding microbial communities and the microbiome.

Tackling problem microbes

Of course, when microorganisms are in the wrong place at the wrong time, they can cause serious problems. At NCIMB we are experienced in the investigation of unwelcome issues arising as a result of microbial activity or contamination, We can undertake projects for customers to help them detect, monitor and resolve issues.

Assessment of strains

NCIMB is equipped undertake a broad range of microbial tests as part of research projects that help our customers to identify and assess the suitability of microbial strains for use in industrial processes or products such as animal feed additives and probiotics.

For example, we offer aggregation testing, assessment of mucin adhesion, low pH survivability assays, minimum inhibitory concentration testing and biochemical testing. We can provide comparative genomics of strains as well as check for strain drift and assessment of the suitability of different preservation techniques.

Microbial community & microbiome analysis

16S metagenomics studies DNA recovered directly from environmental samples. It offers a game changing insight into the microbial diversity within all kinds of environments including water, soil, the human gut, production facilities, fermenters and bioreactors.

Many production processes are reliant on spontaneous fermentation processes, but it is becoming increasingly evident that variation in the microorganisms present can influence product quality. Our contract research services can help you to understand the extent,  causes and impacts of changes in microbial communities, track trends, and develop business intelligence around bacteria.

Natural product discovery

A high-quality whole-genome sequence, combined with bioinformatics analysis is an essential first step in the development of new or improved microbial applications and processes.

With our deep microbiological expertise, next-generation sequencing capability and diverse bioinformatics pipelines we can deliver immediate impact for  research projects that are screening strains for the production of industrially or clinically important secondary metabolites

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