Quality Control Products

NCIMB has partnered with Microblologics to offer an extensive range of microbiology controls that provide accurate reliable results with convenient test-ready formats to save you time and money.


We supply

  • Quality control microorganisms made using accredited reference material.
  • Custom environmental monitoring controls made using your own environmental isolates.

Why use NCIMB and Microbiologics?

Decades of experience

Microbiologics have over 40 years of experience of developing and producing microbial controls. NCIMB Ltd has more than 40 years experience of providing microbiology products and services tailored to the needs of industry. 

Quantitative and qualitative formats

Microbiologics QC products are available in an extensive range of simple and reliable quantitative and qualitative test-ready formats. 

Quality standards

Microbiologics' industry-leading quality system includes ISO 17034 certification. NCIMB operates a well-established quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015 and are regularly audited by customers, ensuring that we meet their high standards.

cGMP compliant microbial identification 

NCIMB's microbial identification service is undertaken to cGMP standards and we have extensive experience of identifying environmental isolates. 

Friendly, expert advice and technical support available

One of the things our customers often tell us they value about our service is the help and advice that we provide.  

Our customers

NCIMB works with companies of all sizes, from a broad range of industry sectors including pharmaceutical, biotech, food and drink, oil and gas, cosmetics and personal care. We strive to deliver products and services that meet our customers' high expectations.

Looking for more information about quality control products?

Go to our control microorganisms and custom environmental control web pages, download our pdf flyers, or contact us to obtain a quote.
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Quality Control Microorganisms

QC Microorganisms

An extensive range of qualitative and quantitative test-ready formats.

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Custom Controls

Custom Controls

Your environmental isolate in the test-ready format of your choice.

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