Microbial Identification Services

At NCIMB we have extensive experience of providing fast, accurate identification of bacteria and fungi to Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards. Our well-equipped laboratories are located in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Our experienced microbiologists can:

  • identify unknown bacterial and fungal isolates from environmental monitoring programmes in manufacturing facilities
  • identify bacteria and fungi that are contaminating products or causing other issues within production processes and environments
  • confirm the identity of production strains and monitor for strain drift.
Microbial Identification Services

Why use NCIMB microbial identification services?

Range of turnaround times and prices

Our customer-focussed microbial identification service includes a range of sample turnaround times and prices to help our customers prioritise identification of their most important isolates and optimise use of budgets. We can offer same-day or next-day interim reporting on samples received before 10am, as well as three and ten day services. 

Accurate and reliable identification

NCIMB uses a genotypic approach to the identification of isolates. In other words, identification is based on DNA sequencing. We use this method because we believe it is the most accurate identification method available. Ultimately, it is the DNA sequence that defines the species, and therefore a genotypic approach has the potential to offer an unambiguous identification.

Good communication

We'll keep you well-informed about the progress of your samples throughout the process, from sample receipt to final report.

Friendly, expert advice available

Not sure of the best approach for your samples? One of the things our customers often tell us they value about our service is the help and advice that they get from our laboratory staff. We are always happy to help you choose the right service to meet your needs.

cGMP compliant 

Our microbial identification service is undertaken to GMP standards. We operate a well-established quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015 and are regularly audited by customers, ensuring that we meet their high standards.

Our customers

We work with companies of all sizes, from a broad range of industry sectors including pharmaceutical, food and drink, oil and gas, cosmetics and personal care.

What you can send

  • Bacterial and fungal isolates can be sent to our laboratories as plates, slopes or broths that have been incubated to produce sufficient growth.
  • We also accept mixed cultures and other types of samples, such as samples of water, swabs, slimes or contaminated products, but please contact us to discuss the options available prior to submitting them.

NCIMB does not accept active cultures of dangerous human pathogens or organisms isolated from clinical or diseased plant materials for identification. We cannot accept isolates known to be above ACDP category 2 and ACGM class 1.

Looking for information about bacterial or fungal identification services?

More information about the options we offer is available on our bacterial and fungal identification pages, or you can contact us to find out more about using our identification services and obtain a quote.
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Bacterial Identification

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