Our Services

NCIMB supplies reference strains, and provides specialist microbiology, analytical, and biological storage storage services to support clients in their quality control procedures, research and development projects, intellectual property protection and compliance with environmental regulations.

We manage the National Collection of Industrial Food and Marine Bacteria, the biggest reference collection of industrially and environmentally valuable microorganisms in the UK, and are an International Depository Authority (IDA) for bacteria, fungi, bacteriophages, plasmids and plant seeds that are the subject of patent applications.

Our skilled microbiologists have extensive experience of providing GMP standard microbial identification services as well as monitoring the microbial populations that influence corrosion.

NCIMB's analytical services capability includes provision of a one-stop-shop oilfield chemistry service.

Our customers include companies in the pharmaceutical, personal care, food, supplements,oil and gas, agricultural and environmental sectors as well as research organisations around the globe.