KTP Associate vacancy

A microbiologist is sought for a joint project between the Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen, and NCIMB Ltd.

The postholder will lead delivery of a KTP project to develop a model which supports microbial growth without oxygen, whilst also providing conditions with oxygen to support growth of epithelial cells. This dual feature will enable better simulation of the colonic environment than existing in vitro gut models. The model will be inexpensive, flexible and reduce the need for animal testing.

Your role will develop and refine the model for testing anaerobic bacteria:host cell interactions and validate the model through specific test experiments.

Throughout the project you will be fully supported by academic supervisors Dr Silvia Gratz and Professor Karen Scott, from the University of Aberdeen’s Rowett Institute.

A key aspect of your role will be to consolidate the knowledge and technical skills necessary to develop and validate the in vitro model and transfer this knowledge and expertise to NCIMB. Hence you will also work closely with the NCIMB team, qualifying the market opportunity and balancing the commercial and quality requirements of the company with the experimental challenges of the project.

This is a technically challenging commercial project. The postholder will be expected to carry out administrative tasks related directly to the timely delivery of the project and knowledge transfer. Effective communication with colleagues, as well as building rapport with existing and potential stakeholders is critical to the success of this project. The successful candidate is expected to have and develop technical and personal skills (verbal and written) as required with increasing responsibility as experience level develops through the duration of the project.

For more information and details of how to apply go to KTP Associate (ROW123R) (abdnjobs.co.uk)

For more information and details of how to apply go to: KTP Associate (ROW123R) (abdnjobs.co.uk)