Bioinformatics Services

At NCIMB, we have the microbiological knowledge, together with the bioinformatics capability and expertise required to get the most from your NGS data, no matter what your research or commercial aim.

Sequencing and bioinformatics, or bespoke bioinformatics service

Whole-genome sequencing of bacteria or fungi is often the first step in developing new products or processes, but ongoing research and development, or changing regulations, can create a requirement for new bioinformatics analysis of an existing data set. At NCIMB we offer next generation sequencing and bioinformatics services, but we also undertake bioinformatics analysis on sequence data that our customers already have.

We use the latest bioinformatics tools

Our in-house bioinformatics team is equipped with the latest tools and algorithms for genome assembly, variant calling, genome annotation, metagenomics and genome mining. Our aim is to ensure our customers get maximum value from their genomic data.

Our capabilities include functional annotation, comparative genomics, phylogenetics, prediction of secondary metabolites and identification of antimicrobial and virulence markers.

We deliver clearly presented results within detailed reports.

Secondary metabolite prediction

Our bioinformatics services include predictive screening for secondary metabolite production. Secondary metabolites produced by bacteria and fungi have a broad range of industrial applications - for example, in the production of medicines, as flavourings or pigments, and as industrial feedstocks. Screening for the genes known to be associated with the production of secondary metabolites of interest is a powerful approach to assessing candidate strains.

Comparative genomics

Whether you need to monitor strain drift of your working stocks, separate closely related serovars or identify genomic structural variation, our bioinformatics service can help you to understand your strain's genome.

Antimicrobial resistance and virulence prediction

Screening for anitmicrobial resistance and virulence prediction are two of the bioinformatics analyses that we are most commonly called on to undertake for our customers, and is applicable to a range of different industry sectors.

Tailored bioinformatics solutions

Next-generation sequencing enables the ultimate in strain characterisation, but actioning and understanding the data produced can feel daunting. If you have a requirement for additional analysis or need a bioinformatics solution tailored to your data, please contact us to talk about your needs.