Whole-Genome Sequencing of Bacteria and Fungi

Using the most accurate technology platforms available, we can generate de novo genome assemblies and reference-guided genome assemblies to a high degree of continuity, simplifying downstream analyis of your strains.

Secondary metabolite prediction and natural process analysis

A high-quality whole-genome sequence enables the ultimate in strain characterisation, and can be a first step in the development of new or improved microbial applications and processes.

Whole genome sequencing allows us to take a deep dive into a strain, and can be used to rapidly screen for the production of industrially or clinically important secondary metabolites. With the latest tools for genome annotation and genome mining, we ensure that our customers get maximum value from their genomic data.

We offer whole genome sequencing as service to customers, and also work in collaboration with other researchers to explore the potential of our own culture collection.

Characterisation of Strains used in Probiotic Products and Feed Additives

Whole genome sequencing is a key consideration in the responsible use of microbial additives with respect to limiting the spread of antimcrobial resistance, and virulence factors, and meets EFSA/FEEDAP guidelines.

Our analyses are tailored to the industry's requirements, and once sequenced, the whole genome data is available for any future analysis required should the EFSA/FEEDAP guidelines be revised.

Our comprehensive genomics package includes genome sequencing, assembly and annotation, including prediction of antimicrobial resistance genes and virulence factors.

We work to ensure regulatory compliance for our customers, including those who work within the guidelines of EFSA's FEEDAP panel. Our whole-genome sequencing service enables understanding of antimicrobial resistance and virulence capacity.

Easy Sample Submission

You can submit DNA or pure cultures for whole genome sequencing. If you don't have the time or facilities to pre-prepare samples, we can accept mixed cultures, lypholised end products, and other sample types such as water, slimes or contaminated products for DNA extraction prior to sequencing. Please contact us for more information.