NCIMB Patent Deposit Services

NCIMB is an International Depositary Authority (IDA) under the Budapest Treaty. We store patent deposits of bacteria, fungi (including yeasts), bacteriophages, plasmids, plant seeds and plant cell tissue cultures.

Patent Deposit

Why use NCIMB patent deposit service?

  • NCIMB has been recognised as an IDA for 40 years.
  • We have more than 70 years' experience in preservation and storage of biological material.
  • NCIMB operates a well established quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015, and is regularly audited by customers, so you can be confident your biological material is in safe hands.
  • Our customers tell us they value our good communication and high levels of customer service.

Additional services for patent depositors

NCIMB can undertake identification and whole-genome sequencing of microbial samples deposited for patent purposes.

Whole genome sequencing is the ultimate in organism characterisation, and provides valuable information about microbial strains used in patented processes. For example, the sequence information can be used to monitor for strain drift, provides provenance, and can be used to identify infringement. Please contact us for details.

Bacteria, fungi (including yeasts), bacteriophages and plasmids (either cloned into a bacterial host or as purified DNA preparations), including recombinants, provided that:

  • Their hazard rating and physical containment requirements are no greater than ACDP group 2 or ACGM class 1.
  • They can be preserved by freeze-drying or liquid nitrogen freezing without significant change to their properties.

Orthodox plant seeds, i.e. those that can be dried to a low moisture content and stored at temperatures lower than -20 °C without damage.

Plant cell tissue cultures: these can be deposited as active cultures, e.g. shoot tips and callous tissue, or as frozen cultures.

Quality Control Microorganisms

Microbial Preservation

NCIMB's offers freeze drying and cryopreservation services to help you maintain your own stock cultures.

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Biological Material Storage

Protect your valuable biological material with an off-site back-up.

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