Quality Control Microorganisms

NCIMB has partnered with Microblologics to offer an extensive range of microbiology controls to help you meet regulatory requirements and ensure consumer safety.

Microbiologics products are made using accredited reference material and are compatible with a variety of instruments, kits and applications. Traceability to reference cultures ensures authenticity.

Quality Control

Why Microbiologics quality control microorganisms?

  • Microbiologics have over 40 years' experience of developing and producing microbial controls.
  • Extensive range of simple and relaible qualitative and quantitative formats.
  • Independent external controls provide accurate, reliable results.
  • Convenient test-ready formats save you time and money.
  • Easy and economical storage - no freezing required.
  • Microbiologics industry-leading system includes ISO 17034 certification.

Product range

The Microbiologics range includes formats tailored to the testing requirements of microbiologists working in sectors including pharmaceutical, medical device, personal care & cometics, food, and more. Tests can be purchased as single strains or in compendial sets. Contact us to find out more about the full range of strains available.

  Microbiologics product formats
Test Methods EZ-Accu Shot/Select EZ-CFU / One Step EZ-PEC KWIK-STIK Plus Epower Enumerated mycoplasma
Growth Promotion testing      
Suitability of counting methods    
Suitability of sterility testing      
Suitability of specified microorganism testing      
Anitmicrobial effectiveness testing        
Disinfectant Qualification        
Mycoplasma testing        

Our customers

We work with companies of all sizes, from a broad range of industry sectors including pharmaceutical, food and drink, oil and gas, cosmetics and personal care. We strive to deliver products and services that meet our customers' high expectations.

Looking for more information about quality control microorganisms?

More information about the options we offer is available on our quality control microorganisms and custom environmental control pages, or you can contact us to obtain a quote.
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Custom Controls

Custom Environmental Monitoring Controls

Your environmental isolate in the test-ready format of your choice.

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Microbial Identification Services

Microbial Identification Services

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