Recent additions to NCIMB include Halophiles from the world’s oldest salt mine

Recent additions to the National Collection of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria include three moderate halophiles.

Moderate halophiles NCIMB 15224 Aquisalibacillus elongatus, NCIMB 15225 Salinicoccus sesuvii and NCIMB 15226 Halomonas aquamarina, were all isolated from saline soil of the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan and deposited at NCIMB by scientists from the Fatima Jinnah Women University.

The Khewra salt mine, reported to be the oldest salt mine in the world, is known for production of pink Khewra salt. Salt mines are a popular destination for microbiologists with an interest in industrial biotechnology, as halophiles have recently been the focus of interest, as a low-cost platform for bioprocessing.

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