Academic storage package

Ensure you always have pure cultures available with our academic storage package - specially tailored to the needs of scientists working on grant funded projects. 

Long-term, off-site storage

Are the strains you work with difficult to replace? If you work on microbial product or process development, or your research is dependant on key strains that would be difficult to replace, you can safeguard those strains by storing them with NCIMB.

Protect against strain drift and loss

Repeated subculturing can result in strain drift, and contamination or loss of viability can cause a major headache for researchers. Long term storage at NCIMB ensures that pure cultures of your original strain are always available for research or commercialisation projects.

Single payment for up to five years storage

Applying for grant funding? An up-front quote for preservation and storage with NCIMB can be included in funding applications, and we offer discounted rates when you commit to several years of storage at a time.

Quality assurance

At NCIMB we have decades of experience in the preservation and storage of biological material. Our well-established quality management system is certified to ISO9001:2015 and all of our services meet this internationally recognised standard.

Not an academic researcher?

We provide a range of biological material storage services to all kinds of organisations incuding univerisities, research institutes and companies of all sizes. Our academic storage package is available to any organisation working on grant funded projects.

Want to know more?

You can find out more about what we store and the options available by downloading our academic package pdf, or our guide to the maintenance of microorganisms. If you would like to discuss the service further or obtain a quote contact us by email, phone, or use the form below.