NCIMB appoints bioinformatics expert

NCIMB is delighted to welcome Dr. Daniel Swan in a new role as Bioinformatics Delivery Manager. Daniel is responsible the delivery and continued development of NCIMB’s bioinformatics services and comes directly from running one of the UK’s largest genomics facilities.

His expertise is the analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data which is revolutionising our understanding of microbial communities and environmental microbiology.

Commenting on his appointment Daniel said: “NGS has an exciting role to play in realising the full potential of NCIMB’s culture collection, offering both industry and academic researchers a deep dive into the biology of the strains through fully-sequenced genomes.

I will also be developing NCIMB’s bacterial and fungal identification services, extending the existing strain identification with high-throughput ‘metagenomics’ approaches which will provide even greater resolution of microbial communities and their functions in production environments.”

NCIMB manages the UK’s National Collection of Industrial Food and Marine Bacteria and provides specialist microbiology, chemical analysis and biomaterial storage products and services.  We support clients in their quality control procedures, research and development projects, intellectual property protection and compliance with environmental regulations.

For more information about NCIMB’s bioinformatics capabilities contact

Daniel Swan
t: 01224 009333