Preserve and protect your important strains with our new academic storage package

NCIMB has launched a new storage service specifically tailored to the needs of scientists working on grant funded projects.

An off-site back up of strains should be a key part of any risk management and disaster recovery plan for organisations using microbes that cannot be easily replaced. Fire, natural disasters, power failure, equipment malfunction, and human error can all result in devastating set-backs for R&D projects, and the loss or delay of publication and potential future commercialisation opportunities.

As curators of a national culture collection, and a recognised depository for biological material that is the subject of patent applications, at NCIMB we are experts in the preservation and long term storage of biological material. We have used that knowledge and expertise to create a confidential biological storage service that helps our customers preserve and protect their important strains, ensuring that they always have pure cultures available.

NCIMB’s culture collection curator Dr Samantha law said: “For our academic customers, availability of funding to cover the costs of storage can be an issue, so we have developed our new academic package with that in mind. We are offering discounted rates when researchers commit to several years storage at a time, and obtaining an upfront quote allows the costs to be built into funding applications.”

More information about the service can be found on our website or you can download our pdf.

If you would like to discuss your requirements or obtain a quote contact or call +44(0) 1224 009333.