Dr Edward Green to highlight potential for biotech application of NCIMB microbial strains at Scottish Fermentation Network Meeting.

NCIMB’s CEO Dr Edward Green is presenting at the 12th Scottish Fermentation Network meeting in Glasgow on Wednesday 8 November 2023.

The theme of this one-day conference, which has been jointly organised by IBioIC and the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), is “Sustainable Biobased Chemicals Production – Towards a Low Carbon Future”, and Edward will be highlighting how NCIMB can support that vision through the strains within our culture collection and the supporting services we provide to industry.

NCIMB’s culture collection, the National Collection of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria was first established more than 70 years ago and is an important part of the UK’s Biological Resource Network. It includes thousands of microorganisms isolated from diverse sources around the world and is a fantastic biological resource for industrial biotechnology.

Commenting on the potential of the collection Dr Green said: “Strains within our culture collection have already played a pivotal role in the development of industrial fermentation processes, but the collection as a whole still has huge untapped potential. I hope to leverage NCIMB’s culture collection and microbial services, working in partnership with others to build new business opportunities for sustainable products that address global challenges and provide societal benefits.”

For more information about NCIMB strains visit our culture collection pages or contact enquiries@ncimb.com

Dr Edward Green is presenting at the 12 Scottish Fermentation Meeting on 8 November 2023