Two new methanotrophs added to the NCIMB collection

Two new methanotroph strains have been added to the National Collection of Industrial, Marine and Food Bacteria. The strains were deposited by the Biodiscovery Institute in Nottingham.

In a recently published paper describing their isolation and characterisation, the authors highlight that by using methane gas as a carbon source and accumulating the carbon as the biodegradable plastic polymer poly-3-hydroxybutrate, methanotrophs may hold the key to simultaneously tackling two major environmental issues – waste plastic, and emissions of methane, the second most abundant greenhouse gas.

NCIMB 15262 Methylocystis parvus (BRCS2) was isolated from the Moseley Bog nature reserve in Birmingham. NCIMB 15263 Methylocystis rosea (BRCS1) was isolated from Highfields Park near the University of Nottingham.

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