Two novel actinomycete species added to the National Collection of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria

Two novel actinomycete species1, isolated from Southern Ocean sediment, have been added to the NCIMB culture collection by researchers from the University of Strathclyde. The microbiology of Polar environments, which are vulnerable to global climate change, is vastly underexplored in terms of biomedical potential.  Furthermore, actinomycetes are well known for their specialised metabolite production, accounting for over 45% of all bioactive microbial metabolites. We are delighted to add Pseudonocardia abyssalis sp. nov. NCIMB 15270 and Pseudonocardia oceani sp. nov. NCIMB 15269. to our collection as they have been found to exhibit both biosynthetic and chemical novelty.  

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1 Jonathan Parra, Sylvia Soldatou, Liam M. Rooney, and Katherine R. Duncan. 2021. “Pseudonocardia abyssalis sp. nov. and Pseudonocardia oceani sp. nov., two novel actinomycetes isolated from the deep Southern Ocean.” IJSEM. 71 (9): 005032.