We’ll be at the IbioIC annual conference! 15 – 16 March 2023

Dr Edward Green and Dr Jude Huggan will be heading to the IbioIC annual conference next week, The two day event, which is held in Glasgow, has the theme “Resilience and the Bioeconomy”, and will explore the twin topics of resilience as it pertains to companies working within the bioeconomy and how the bioeconomy itself can contribute to resilience in industry and society in general.

NCIMB’s CEO Dr Edward Green will be presenting in the member showcase on Wednesday 15 March, where he will highlight NCIMB’s offering to the industrial biotechnology sector and the potential of our culture collection as a resource for research and development.

Commenting on the event, Edward said: “NCIMB provide innovative microbial solutions. We supply, identify, characterise, quantify and store microorganisms. We seek Industrial Biotech partners to help unlock the potential of our unique and diverse collection of bacterial strains. We also offer robust chassis for engineering biology and microbiome applications. Please catch us at IBioIC Annual Conference in Glasgow to hear more about our fantastic new premises, capability and how we can help accelerate, and de-risk, your process and product development needs”