ICorr Industrial Visit to ICR

Our consultant microbiologist Dr Carol Devine attended the ICorr Industrial visit to ICR last Tuesday evening.

She said: “It was a most enjoyable and educational visit, and it was good to meet old friends, colleagues and clients face-to-face again! It was great to be back at ICR and to see how the company has grown and developed over the past three years, with many new faces AND new technologies”

The evening included demonstrations from QuickFlange, OMNI, Sky-Futures, TechnoWrap and Insono as well as from the Corrosion Monitoring and Chemical Injection Teams.

NCIMB partners with ICR in the delivery of full microbiological and corrosion monitoring surveys of oil and gas production facilities and is delighted to be a sponsor of ICorr Aberdeen Branch. More information about our oilfield microbiology services is available here.