NCIMB Sponsors the Reservoir Microbiology Forum 2021

We are delighted to be a sponsor of the 27th Reservoir Microbiology Forum. We always look forward to attending RMF, and this year it is being run as a hybrid event, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in the way the way that is most convenient and comfortable for them.

The forum, which is hosted by the Energy Insitute, is a great opportunity for oil producers, scientist, technologists, engineers, academics and researchers from around the world to present, share and discuss the widespread effects of microbes in oil reservoirs. New innovations in the field and the ongoing need to reduce emissions have resulted in new areas that require microbiological investigation and expertise, and consequently two new topics were added this year: emerging technologies, and the role of microbiology in low carbon solutions. The forum, which is always evolving, already included microbiological aspects of hydrogen and CO2 transport and storage.

Attending RMF is a great way to share experiences and gain new insights into the technologies that are important in this field. You can find out how to register for the event by clicking on the image below. To find out more about NCIMB’s oilfield microbiology services visit our oilfield microbiology page. We look forward to seeing you there!