Coronavirus Response Statement

By Carol Phillips, CEO

Like everyone else, NCIMB has been closely monitoring the rapidly changing situation with regards to the Coronavirus pandemic and we have been adopting advice from the UK Government, the Scottish Government and the World Health Organisation as and when it has been released.  Protecting our staff, suppliers and stakeholders is our main priority while minimising disruption to essential products and services.

We have increased measures at our site, including increased cleaning and limiting non-essential travel and visitors. We are now also working with a reduced staff onsite and will continue to update our policies in line with the government advice.  

Many of our customers rely on our services for the manufacture of essential products for which there will be a continued requirement throughout this crisis. We are very fortunate to have a highly skilled, adaptable and multi-functional team at NCIMB that are willing and ready to support our customers and stakeholders wherever possible.  

We have escalated our cross-training efforts in order to ensure we maintain the capacity to carry out microbial identification, and other analytical services.  

Over the coming weeks, where the Coronavirus has an impact on our resources, it is possible that despite these efforts some turnaround times may be effected. Should this occur, we will notify our customers and of course will endeavour to meet their requirements.

Further information will be provided if and when the situation changes, but if you have any questions or want to discuss any current or future work, we are ready to help. Our normal office hours remain unchanged. Contact us by phone at +44 (0)1224 009333 or by e mail to

Published: 24 March 2020