Feeling blue about our new accesions

Recent additions to the National Collection of Industrial Food and Marine Bacteria include NCIMB 15079 Bacillus fermenti; NCIMB 15080 Bacillus indicireducens.

Both of the strains, which were deposited by Isao Yumoto from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan, were isolated from indigo fermentation liquor.  NCIMB 15079 Bacillus fermenti can reduce indigo.

Traditionally, indigo dye is extracted from plants by a natural fermentation process, but during the 20th century, a synthetic indigo manufacturing process grew in popularity, and today a large proportion of commercially used indigo dye is produced synthetically.  However, recently there has been renewed interest in the traditional indigo producing methods, which are said to produce a better quality product with respect to colour.

To purchase these strains or for information on how to deposit strains with NCIMB contact enquiries@ncimb.com.