NCIMB Collaborates with Protexin on Dental Biofilms Project

NCIMB is collaborating with leading probiotics manufacturer Protexin in an Innovate UK funded project which aims to identify strains of bacteria that could reduce the harmful effects of dental biofilms.

Dental biofilms, in the form of plaque, are commonly associated with tooth decay and gum disease. Regular brushing is recommended to remove plaque, however it has been found that it reforms quickly after brushing, and many people do not brush thoroughly or frequently enough to avoid problems.

This project is investigating strains held within the NCIMB culture collection for their potential to shift the composition of oral biofilms towards a healthier oral flora, and reduce the possibility of dental caries. Strains found to be effective could be delivered in the form of a lozenge or gum.

NCIMB manages the UK’s National Collection of Industrial Food and Marine Bacteria and offers microbiology, chemical analysis and biomaterial storage services to industry and academia. We collaborate with companies, universities and research organisations to carry out research and development projects and are particularly interested in investigating novel uses of our strains.

For more information about NCIMB’s culture collection and research activities contact : Dr Samantha Law e: t: 01224 009333