NCIMB extends patent deposit service

NCIMB has extended its patent deposit service to include filamentous fungi, in addition to bacteria, bacteriophages, plasmids, yeasts, plant seeds and plant cell tissue cultures.

Patents offer assignees exclusive rights to their inventions in exchange for detailed disclosure of the invention. In the case of inventions that are, or require the use of biological material, this involves the deposit of the biological material in a recognised institution.

NCIMB is a recognised institution for patenting purposes and holds the status of International Depositary Authority (IDA) under the Budapest Treaty. This means that biological material deposited with NCIMB under the Treaty meets the deposit requirements of patent offices in many countries around the world, and it is not necessary to submit material in every country in which patent protection is sought.

In addition to patent deposits, NCIMB also offers a range of ISO9001:2015 accredited storage solutions for biological material up to ACDP category 2 and ACGM class 1.  Whether you would like to store a single box of ampoules to provide back-up cultures for a university research project, or  you are looking for dedicated, high security vessels for off-site cGMP storage of valuable manufacturing strains, we can tailor a package that suits your needs.