Download the A-Z of NCIMB to learn more about the diversity in our collection

The name of our culture collection – the National Collection of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria -comes from three collections that were merged to form it. Since then the collection has continued to grow and develop, and today, our name reflects our history rather than the content of the collection today.

However, people are often still surprised at the diversity of strains held at NCIMB, and might not think to search our catalogue for eg freshwater or soil strains. We love reading about all the amazing places that the strains within our culture collection have been isolated from, and so we have
put together an A-Z of NCIMB to highlight a few of the strains it contains, and the diversity of environments from which they were isolated. It is a fun introduction to our culture collection, which includes many things that you might not expect.

A is for Actinobacillus delphinicola NCIMB 13567, isolated from the long of a harbour porpoise, in the North-east Atlantic Ocean
The A-Z of NCIMB picks out a strain in our culture collection for each letter in the alphabet

You can download a pdf of our A-Z here.