ICorr Corrosion Forum

Our consultant microbiologist Dr Carol Devine attended the ICorr Aberdeen Branch corrosion forum at the end of August. The theme of the event was energy transition and corrosion, and material challenges associated with the energy transition.

Topics covered included corrosion issues arising during hydrogen transport, and with offshore wind, fusion reactors and solar energy.

As we transition our energy supply away from oil and gas it is essential that corrosion challenges – including microbiologically influenced corrosion – are fully considered so that monitoring is effective and preventative action can be taken.

We understand so much more about MIC than was known in the early days of the oil and gas industry, and the techniques available to study microorganisms in the environment have developed and improved in recent years. This knowledge, and lessons learned during Oil& Gas production, are now available for the renewables industry. ICorr offers great opportunities to bring experts together to share their knowledge and expertise in this area and discuss key issues.

Carol was also delighted to receive a certificate of thanks on behalf of NCIMB, for supporting the ICorr Aberdeen branch.