Meet us at RMF 2023!

Our consultant Microbiologist Dr Carol Devine will be attending the Reservoir Microbiology Forum (RMF) in London on 15 November.

The event is run by the Energy Institute (EI) with the support of a small working group within the EI’s Microbiology Committee, of which Carol has been a member for a number of years.

Excellent and welcoming event

RMF is an excellent and very welcoming multi-disciplinary platform that brings together oil producers, scientists, technologists, engineers, academics and researchers from around the world to present, share, and discuss the widespread and versatile effects of microbes in oil reservoirs in an informal setting. The respected forum provides a highly technical programme featuring the latest research and guidance on reservoir microbiology in oilfields, including biodegradation, bioremediation and applications for oil recovery and enhancement.

Role of microbiology in low carbon solutions

Other increasingly important topics included in the conference agenda are the role of microbiology in low carbon solutions and microbiological aspects of hydrogen and CO2 transport and storage.

Commenting on the conference programme, NCIMB’s Energy and Environmental Services Manager Michelle Robertson said: “In the early days of oil and gas production, the industry did not have a good understanding of the potential impact of microorganisms in relation to issues such as corrosion and reservoir souring. In fact, it was not even fully understood that microbes could survive reservoir conditions. The availability of new DNA sequencing methods mean that we now have an much more in-depth understanding of the microorganisms that inhabit oilfields and the impact they can have. The experience gained over decades of oil and gas production means that the industry is much more aware of the need to consider microbiological aspects of low carbon solutions than it was in the early days of offshore oil and gas production, and this should make a significant positive contribution to the transition to net zero”.

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Dr Carol Devine is a member of the RMF working group and will be attending the conference, which is held in November