NCIMB introduces services to support sustainable manufacturing at the High Value Biorenewables Network Event

NCIMB’s Business Development Manager Dr Jude Huggan introduced delegates at the High Value Biorenewables Network 2020 event: “Discovery, development and production of high value bio-based products” to the services that NCIMB offers to support sustainable manufacturing.

NCIMB offers a broad range of services to support companies working in this important and exciting field and Jude’s presentation gave attendees an introduction to how we can support sustainable manufacturing throughout the process from discovery and development to manufacturing and quality control.

NCIMB’s culture collection represents a unique resource when it comes to new product discovery, and we can help customers screen strains within it to assess their suitability for microbial product development. Our whole genome sequencing and bioinformatics services are also used by companies to screen and assess their own in-house strains, and we undertake contract research to help assess the suitability of microbes for use in new applications.

Our Patent Deposit service helps our customers protect their intellectual property and we offer safe offsite storage for a wide range of biological materials.

We identify thousands of unknown isolates every year for our customers, and these include contaminants from manufacturing processes. Our identification and sequencing services are also used to undertake strain to strain comparison, and monitor production strains to guard against strain drift.

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