Culture Collection: Genomic DNA

There are thousands of authenticated reference strains in our culture collection. Researchers ordering strains are increasingly interested in culturing strains for the purpose of extracting the DNA. We can supply genomic DNA from many of our reference strains, saving you the time and expense of culturing and isolating DNA in your own laboratory.

Why order genomic DNA from NCIMB?

  • Our high-quality bacterial genomic DNA has been isolated under aseptic conditions from actively growing cultures.
  • Diverse collection: We make genomic DNA to order from the strains in our culture collection. The National Collection of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria includes much more than you might expect from its name! Download the A-Z of NCIMB to learn more.
  • Great communication and customer service: Feedback consistently tells us that our customers highly value the levels of customer service and communication we provide for both UK and international customers.

Shipment and storage

  • Genomic DNA is made to order from the strains in our culture collection so dispatch times vary a little, depending on the characteristics of the organism.
  • We ship our genomic DNA at ambient temperatures.
  • Overseas orders are sent by airmail.
  • The DNA should be stored at -20°C on receipt.

How to order genomic DNA from one of our strains

You can contact us by phone or email, or use the enquiry form on this page to find out more about ordering genomic DNA from our strains. You can also search our online catalogue to find a strain you are interested in.

Pricing information and how to order

Pricing, T&Cs; ordering

Read our material transfer agreement and order by email or use our catalogue.

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Find a strain

Find a strain

Search the culture collection catalogue by NCIMB number, taxon, or for equivalents.

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Genomic DNA

Genomic DNA

Genomic DNA is available from many of our authenticated reference strains.

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How to deposit a strain

How to deposit a strain

NCIMB welcomes new accessions, that meet our criteria, to the open collection.

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Revival of Strains

Revival of Strains

Please follow our step-by-step guide when opening glass ampoules.

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Find a media recipe

Find a media recipe

Our media recipe catalogue includes recipes for all the strains in our collection.

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