NCIMB launches three-point strain health check service

Microorganisms have many applications in a diverse range of industry sectors – from traditional food and drink manufacturing to industrial biotechnology and synthetic biology. Good microbe management is crucial to ensure that processes are optimised and products meet quality requirements.

To support companies in achieving this, NCIMB has launched a new three-point strain health check for microbes used as production strains, and in applications such as feed additives or probiotic products. The health check service allows organisations that use microorganisms in these ways to:

  1. Identify and assess strain functionality
  2. Monitor for strain drift and optimise processes
  3. Comply with regulations and mitigate risk

The service is underpinned by a whole genome sequence of strains. Our bioinformatics team will undertake an in-depth examination of the sequences to understand how genomic change to your strains could impact your products and processes, and the service includes upfront and post project consultations to ensure that you get the most from the results.

At NCIMB our customer-focussed team offer a flexible, tailored approach and offer expert project guidance. We accept a wide range of sample types with fast turnaround times. For more information visit our whole genome sequencing service pages or download our three point strain health check pdf.